About | 2010-2014

Mammuthus 2010-2014 is the standard-bearer of the mammuthus philosophy – an ambitious initiative with the principal goal of extracting and sharing as much knowledge as possible from the natural history record in a five-year period.

While the artifacts that we deal with have lain dormant for millennia, they are under threat of disappearing within a matter of years. The thawing of the permafrost across the Arctic means that the natural encyclopedia of information contained within is disappearing at a rate many thousands of times quicker than it was recorded. In order to learn as much as possible it is essential to secure discoveries before they are eroded by the elements.

The 2010-2014 program is unrolling in an exciting and critical time. Technological advances within the last decade have opened up countless doors for research and stand to continue in much the same vein. However, as analytical avenues multiply the primary material is becoming increasingly scarce.