Since the ancient times until now, the entire civilization has used wood to make useful, creative and beautiful objects. For instance, early humans used woods to make primitive weapons for hunting games, defense and simple tools used for creating shelters throughout the ages. The Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Japan and many other ancient cultures all over the world practiced woodworking, utilizing several skills and styles.

The more man became proficient in his woodwork techniques, the more he became better at been able to clear land for cultivation, hunt down animals for food, build boats and make furniture. Hence, woodworking has been an essential process that led to the elevation of civilizations. Due to the fact that there are an enormous amount of things to discuss concerning wood, this post is going to concentrate on the use of wood in the ancient time and the use of wood now in the modern time.

Use of Wood in the Ancient Period
It is believed that woodworking in early Chinese emanated during 720 B.C. They developed many intellectual applications of wood, including the exact measurement used for building tables, pots, chair and other furniture. Lu Ban, a popular carpenter was acknowledged to be one of the originators of woodworking in China.

As far back as 2000 BC, ancient Egypt used woods for tables, stools, chairs, beds and chests. This can be seen in their ancient drawings and physical material as well serve as proof; many woodworks were found carefully preserved in tombs as a result of bad climate and even their coffins discovered in the tombs were made of wood. According to some archaeologist, Egyptians were the first to finish their woodwork. Their woodworkers used variety of wood to make furniture and many objects.

The Roman Empire cannot be left out of those that contributed to the art of woodworking. They used several wood species like Thyme, maple, elm, beech, etc. to build waterworks, bow drill, warships, lethal battering rams, catapults and well-designed pieces of furniture.

Use of Wood in our Modern Era
In today’s world, woodworking is still employed as a source of energy, for making furniture, buildings, and bridges just like the ancient times. In addition to this, wood gotten from trees and bushes are now used vastly. They can be burnt to derive thermal energy and can be used as a fertilizer.

Celluloid gotten from wood is used in early photographic film. Rayon is used and it is a good substitute for silk. Cellulose is widely needed in making paper. Studies show that the increased use of wood has a significant psychological and physiological health benefits. Students learn better, patients heal quickly, workers are more productive and less stressed and many people are happier in spaces that contain natural elements such as wood.

Another amazing benefit of wood is that it is a natural insulator, which is many times better than concrete, even more than steel and aluminum. It helps to reduce the cost of heating and cooling a building. Woods are used to making rigid wood doors, solid wood floors.

In short, the woods have been and is still in use by man for countless purposes.
Good thing nowadays, there are so many tools now that we can use to turn woods into anything we want and need. Choosing a cabinet table saw now is very convenient because of the internet. Some woodworking tools also have so much innovation just like cabinet table saws with a dust vacuum.

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