How People Grill From Ancient Time To Today

Human beings have always device the best possible ways to make the world a better place, one of the departments that have evolved in leaps and bounds is cooking methods. Do you know that Homo erectus first tested cooked meat around 600,000 years ago! According to scientist Homo erectus were the earliest being to control the fire and used it to cook meat. With the invention of fire, the ancient beings just toss the meat on the fire, in modern society sophisticated mechanisms such as microwave, oven and many more are in place to aid in cooking.

What is grilling?
This is usually a form of cooking where the food surface is directly introduced to dry heat, this heat is spread evenly to reach the entire surface of the food. The most commonly grilled foods are meat and vegetables. For this grilling to take place one needs an open wire grid and an open heat source.

Grilling in ancient time
Since the ancient used mainly wood to cook food, it is quite had to have some tangible evidence how it looked like. But thanks to the archeologist, they have unearthed enough evidence to show that ancient beings were tossing meat on fire. The early human being was not left out when it comes to barbecue, they discovered fire and used it in various. According to the archeologist, there is concrete evidence of Homo erectus to control heat. This dates back to some 300,000 years ago where the lint burned in the fire was discovered. When we come closer it is believed that the ancient Greeks started grills some 3,000 years ago, according to Archeologist Julie Hruby of Dartmouth College. The ancient Greeks used some portable cookware known in Greek as “souvlakis” and they were made of clay since that is the only technique they could fetch.

Grilling in modern time
Modern grilling has become easier with the very many options of achieving it We have various local and advanced methods that are in place to achieve it. The meat or food item is placed on heat item and directly heated or placed in a small gadget .one can choose the technique depending on the food type, heat source or the desired output result needed.


Methods of grilling in modern time
Direct heat grilling
This is one of the most common methods of grilling that is easy to achieve. The method is cheap and can be achieved by placing the food directly over the heat, the heat is evenly spread so that the food cooks well. Some of the food that heats well directly are sausages, hamburger, steaks or even chops.

Indirect heating
grilling This is where heat is indirectly reflected in the food items, the temperature is usually regulated and maintain low so that the food cook indirectly. Some of the common food types that are used with this method of grilling are legs of lamp, whole turkey or even many roasts. To seal the flavors it’s advisable to heat the food directly first.

Infrared grill
This is the latest entry when it comes to grilling, it uses the infrared technology as the heat source. Unlike the conventional method where grates are directly heated, the infrared grill radiates heat using some elements that are placed between the grates and the flames. This method uses propane or natural gas to produce the heat and is commonly referred to as sear grilling.


Use Of Wood Then And Now

Since the ancient times until now, the entire civilization has used wood to make useful, creative and beautiful objects. For instance, early humans used woods to make primitive weapons for hunting games, defense and simple tools used for creating shelters throughout the ages. The Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Japan and many other ancient cultures all over the world practiced woodworking, utilizing several skills and styles.

The more man became proficient in his woodwork techniques, the more he became better at been able to clear land for cultivation, hunt down animals for food, build boats and make furniture. Hence, woodworking has been an essential process that led to the elevation of civilizations. Due to the fact that there are an enormous amount of things to discuss concerning wood, this post is going to concentrate on the use of wood in the ancient time and the use of wood now in the modern time.

Use of Wood in the Ancient Period
It is believed that woodworking in early Chinese emanated during 720 B.C. They developed many intellectual applications of wood, including the exact measurement used for building tables, pots, chair and other furniture. Lu Ban, a popular carpenter was acknowledged to be one of the originators of woodworking in China.

As far back as 2000 BC, ancient Egypt used woods for tables, stools, chairs, beds and chests. This can be seen in their ancient drawings and physical material as well serve as proof; many woodworks were found carefully preserved in tombs as a result of bad climate and even their coffins discovered in the tombs were made of wood. According to some archaeologist, Egyptians were the first to finish their woodwork. Their woodworkers used variety of wood to make furniture and many objects.

The Roman Empire cannot be left out of those that contributed to the art of woodworking. They used several wood species like Thyme, maple, elm, beech, etc. to build waterworks, bow drill, warships, lethal battering rams, catapults and well-designed pieces of furniture.

Use of Wood in our Modern Era
In today’s world, woodworking is still employed as a source of energy, for making furniture, buildings, and bridges just like the ancient times. In addition to this, wood gotten from trees and bushes are now used vastly. They can be burnt to derive thermal energy and can be used as a fertilizer.

Celluloid gotten from wood is used in early photographic film. Rayon is used and it is a good substitute for silk. Cellulose is widely needed in making paper. Studies show that the increased use of wood has a significant psychological and physiological health benefits. Students learn better, patients heal quickly, workers are more productive and less stressed and many people are happier in spaces that contain natural elements such as wood.

Another amazing benefit of wood is that it is a natural insulator, which is many times better than concrete, even more than steel and aluminum. It helps to reduce the cost of heating and cooling a building. Woods are used to making rigid wood doors, solid wood floors.

In short, the woods have been and is still in use by man for countless purposes.
Good thing nowadays, there are so many tools now that we can use to turn woods into anything we want and need. Choosing a cabinet table saw now is very convenient because of the internet. Some woodworking tools also have so much innovation just like cabinet table saws with a dust vacuum.


micro organism seen in a smoked meat


The animals that used in meat products contain some microorganisms in the various parts of their body. Some of the organisms are of importance while others being harmful to the consumer, responsible for food poisoning and are known as potential hazards to health. Meat gets contaminated with microbial coming about through ineffective handling, processing or during storage.

Inappropriate storage leads to the development of yeasts and growth of bacteria on these meat products, causing them to start rotting producing an unpleasant smell. They minimize the shelf life of these meat leading to loses especially in processing companies. Proper storage of beef especially the smoked meat will preserve the meat for a bit longer time as compared to one poorly stored

Smoking or cooking the meat reduces the population of the microbial organism present in the meat mostly thermo-labile anaerobes, but some
thermophilic anaerobes remain undestroyed. Smoke has anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties effective at minimizing growth. Smoked meat has minimum water content and high concentration of salt as compared to unsmoked meat, but microorganism can still grow if not managed well. Introduction of the heat interferes with the multiplication of the microbial, the amount of temperature applied and duration of heating to this meat determines the number of this microbial that end up getting destroyed.

Smoking can be of two types, cold smoking, and hot smoking. Hot smoking is more effective than cold smoking, as it cooks while smoking, it has temperatures of above 75 degree Celsius unlike cold smoke with a temperature of below 50 degrees Celsius not enough to eradicate the microorganisms. Under say, 500 bucks of meat smoker available are useful in smoking meat with sufficient eradication of these microorganisms. Therefore one has to choose an appropriate smoker when purchasing for one. Picking one that maintains constant optimum temperature with no heat fluctuation resulting in the production of meat that is good for the health of family and friends. Consider retaining the meat smoker at a hygienic condition.

Smoking meat does not guarantee the meat safe for human consumption, and they increase the risk of getting unwanted diseases. Studies carried out to indicate the microorganisms associated with smoked meat, and they include mycotoxigenic fungi, Aspergillus, Penicillium and Europium species which produces mycotoxins. World Health Organization mentions that most methods used in the preservation of meat especially smoking increases risk of cancer to the consumer especially colorectal cancer.

Processed meat not adequately cooked contains mainly the following microorganisms that are potentially harmful to one’s health:

Enterobacteria species, Salmonella typhimurium, and Listeria monocytogenes. Meat that is safe for consumption must be free of this disease-causing microbial. Failure to meet the required standards the meat should not be sold to customers putting them at risk. Practicing proper storage, packaging and manufacturing of the meat product reduce the chances of contamination.

Inappropriate handling of smoked meat can lead to contamination, cleaning of hands, the working surface before handling the meat and post-production pasteurization is effective in reducing the further activity of the microorganisms. Meat that is undercooked is harmful to the health, and smoking lessens the microbial growth hence sufficient cooking ensures complete eradication.


How Technology Affected People’s Consumption Behavior Over Time

Technology is the best thing that ever happened to peoples lives. In all aspects including consumption, it has drastic changes in which some are short-term and others are long term. In terms of consumption, it has improved the common action and vary in which people connect to each other. These are seen especially in areas where competition is stiff. If you want a quick service and you fail to miss in a company, in just a few clicks of a button you will reach out to the next one where you think that they are more serious in doing business.

Here are a few insights when making changes in consumption as a result of technology:

Enhanced expectations
The moment you want something, the first place to reach out to is the search engines. Just in case you fail to find a specific company in the online platforms you will have a doubt on the kind of services. In fact, you will look at it as if it is an organization that does not value random customers for basically they have failed to accommodate the change in technology. In this case, technology had raised the expectations of consumers.

Better customer relationship
The old way in which you just guess what people think of your product I now went – thanks to technology. Look at social media, it is a platform in which you will have direct interaction with the customers in such a way that you have an idea of how people conceive and perceive your product.

At this point, you are able to curb any challenges that may arise from your goods or services. Just before you cause a severe damage, you can capture any of the faults since you will have customers that will tell you one on one on the best way to handle any of the functions. Technology has made the world a global village.

Increased communication channels
Technology has led to the emergence of various communication channels. In fact, apart from the autoresponders most of the companies have a chat service that runs for 4 hours a day, 7 days a week. At ay time of the day or night, you will have someone ready to answer your queries I a timely manner. It has made corporate entities have a run for their money.

Vibrant customer connection
You can always make a follow up on even goods that are supposed to be delivered in a far off location. This is due to the fact that all the transactions are done online. You will never let people guess on what happens virtually in your physical office.

Faster and efficient service
Basically, there is a general improvement when it comes to service delivery all these are as a result f technology, In a much, it experiences many challenges they have all been sorted using the advanced technological tools that finally improve the effectiveness in the delivery of service.

The technology was the best thing that has happened to humanity. You can basically do all the tasks in the comfort of your home including payment of goods and services. However, you just have to make sure that you make good use of the resources well for it can also be a source of insecurity. In selling products and services, you still need the definition target marketing to be able to know your target audience before choosing the right technological advancement to reach them.