A great adventure in the Extreme North of the world challenges the frontiers of knowledge. What if our ultimate Terra incognita was the ice?

Mammuthus, from dream to reality


Mammuthus emerged from the dream of adventure. Invigorated by the timeless quest of the unknown beyond that has spurred countless great voyagers, Bernard Buigues has for over twenty years continually sought out adventure in the Arctic. There he has found an explorer’s dream: the unending promise of discovery.



Beneath the surface

The world map, redrawn throughout the age of geographic exploration, now seems complete with input from high-fidelity satellite imagery. Remote régions once considered dangerously inhospitable are now accessible even to tourists. One would be forgiven for thinking that our planet has no more secrets. However, our knowledge of the planet is only skin-deep. Beneath the surface lurks a world of the unknown.

Timeless region

To discover the treasures of the Siberian Arctic, patience is a must. The vastness of the landscape and the protean elements provide unending variation. The eyes never grow tired and the attentive visitor is rewarded with ephemeral glimpses of this timeless region.The Arctic winter brings an endless night to these lands. Summer is an explosion of life and a profusion of sunlight. The 24-hour sun coaxes the plants up from the ground. It also liberates relics of life from another age, sometimes as much as 50,000 years ago, from the thawing permafrost. These unique fossils hold the key to a bygone epoch.

Paleontological promise

To salvage these links with our past, the Mammuthus team has identified several zones across the Siberian North in which to concentrate activities. Stretching from the Ural Mountains in the West to the Bering Strait in the East, these zones have been picked for their paleontological promise and intriguing history.


Experience, network, passion

In the course of two decades in the Arctic, Bernard Buigues has accumulated invaluable experience in extreme conditions. He has also built a network spanning various administrations and local populations. These contacts, as well as the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences, are essential for the continued success of Mammuthus.

Experience. Logistics. Knowhow. Local Knowledge. Support. Passion. The Mammuthus team has the necessary tools to pursue their ambitious goal in this extreme environment.