The Mammuthus cave
Under the Siberian village of Khatanga, at the heart of the Taimyr peninsula, lies a treasure old of many million years…

Subterranean Vault


Dug 30 meters deep in the permafrost, this vast (800m2), naturally refrigerated (-13ºC) cave provides ideal conditions for the storage and conservation of fossils.





Scientists from around the world regularly visit in order to collect samples to be analyzed in their own laboratories. The collection is a fragile reminder of the dwindling number of fossils offered up by the permafrost each year. The purpose of the Mammuthus Cave is to serve as a perennial resource for researchers and record of a disappearing past.


As technologies continue to advance, more and more information within the fossils will become accessible. The sharing and dissemination of this information is a core tenet in the Mammuthus philosophy.